Training & Development

We deliver the best experience to our clients through an array of public affairs services. As a versatile team of consultants, we see every angle, and that makes us adaptable across the broad spectrum of public affairs, communications and sustainability.

Training & Development

At Beacon Premium Solutions, we offer Capacity building trainings tailored to support business continuity by enhancing organisational productivity and effectiveness.

  • Public Speaking
  • Team Building
  • Social and Behaviour Change Communication
  • Media Relations

Our training curriculum takes cognizance of the multiple scenarios as highlighted below.

Tips for Strategic Media Response by Business Leaders through Corporate PR Crisis.

Across different spheres of our public life, in business, school, Governance, we are often called upon to make extempore speeches or comments. The commonest experience is the natural tendency for such people to become flummoxed.

This hands-on course is designed to help you better articulate speeches and confidently delivered in a manner that leaves a lasting impression amongst your audience.

Our beginner’s module is carefully designed to help participants grasp the fundamentals of public speaking.

For seasoned speakers, this course will help dial up the art and science of public speaking with the overarching objective of making an elegant speaker of you.


  • Equips you with tips on how mitigate fears of public speaking, by deploying rehearsal techniques to develop a strong, vibrant speaking voice to delivering excellent speeches with complementary body movement and gestures.